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Circus and Performing Arts Courses

12 Weeks Vocational Course


ESSCA provide an accredited course for applicants who are interested in learning Circus techniques, skills and an intensive fitness regime. 
Within our course, there will be a range of modules to work on with our qualified teachers.

The final showcase will be evaluated by professionals, Directors, Choreographers, Casting Directors and Circus Agencies. At the end of our course, you will be presented with an accredited certificate, a set of professional pictures and a professionally produced graduation video filmed for your show reel. 


September Course
 12 weeks   Academic Year: 06th Sep – 26th Nov 2021

 Timetables: Timetables are weekly and normally available one week before, emailed directly to the students. 

When: Monday to Thursday   Schedule: 9:30am – 3:30pm 

 Accreditation:  CPD Certification / ESSCA
Tuition:  £3,000
Deposit: £250

4 Weeks Vocational Course


ESSCA Short Course 

We are also excited to introduce our new qualified teachers, Renato, Carlos, Jen and Adam a who both have years of experience working with big companies such as: Cirque Du Soleil, Portugal Got Talent, Royal Circus and more. They have received many awards for their excellent performances and we are honored to have them working with us throughout our course. 

Duration: 4 weeks   

Dates:  03rd – 28th of May 2021

When: Monday to Thursday   Schedule: 9:30am – 3:30p

Certificate: Yes 

Tuition:  £999
Deposit: £99


2 Weeks Vocational Course

Duration: 2 weeks   

Dates:  03rd – 14th of May 2021

When: Monday to Thursday   Schedule: 9:30am – 3:30pm

Accreditation:  N/A

Tuition:  £499
Deposit: £99


Would you like ESSCA Prospectus 2020/2021

If you want to study circus with physical theatre and develop as a new kind of circus performer then look no further than East Sussex School of Circus Arts and our full-time courses delivered in partnership with CPD Certification. Based by the sea East Sussex, Hailsham, famous for its thriving performance industry and links to the global circus and theatre community, East Sussex School of Circus Arts Is a brand new school our Principals and tutors   have years of experience in the industry.

It is one of our core educational beliefs that minds and personalities need developing just as much as physical skills. That is why we nurture our students to take an imaginative and forward-thinking approach to training. We aim to give students not just what they need for the existing artistic environment but to equip them to create their own blend of circus and theatre for the future. We encourage all our students across all courses to devise work that challenges and inspires, in the hope they will discover the fullness of their physical, emotional and creative potential.

The Courses page on our website contain full informaion about each course as well as photos and video to show you what studying at East Sussex School of Circus Arts really looks and feels like.

We have produced a prospectus that distills this into a small sized PDF document for access offline and sharing with others. Perhaps you work at a school or college and want to include a copy in your library. To download a copy of our prospectus please click on the link above.




Circus Arts
(Aerial Arts: Silks, Hoop/Lyra, Straps,Trapeze,Nets,Hammock)

(Tumbling, Acrobatics, Hand to Hand, Hand Cannes,Handstands)
Individual Training showcase 

Contemporary Dance Techniques
Ballet Dance Techniques  

Performing Arts

Performing in Context 
Variety Performance 
Individual Solo 


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